Coordination Arabia applies world-renown Training Needs Analysis (TNA) tools to ensure a successful learning experience.

What is TNA?
Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is a process of gathering and interpreting information on an organization, department or individual for the purpose of identifying areas for performance improvement.

At Coordination Arabia our TNA tools provide clients with detailed skills gap analysis and targeted training plans.

Who needs TNA?
Coordination Arabia provides TNA services on two levels:

  • Corporate level

    A TNA at this level will help to put training in context of past, present and future organizational goals and performance. As well, it clarifies and aligns training needs with organizational culture, resources, opportunities and previous training experiences.

  • Personal level

    A TNA for individuals takes into account previous experience and training, current job description and future career plans. The emphasis is on matching skills and knowledge to job requirements and career goals.

The Benefits of a TNA?

A TNA is essential to:

  • To align skills with job placement and career goals.
  • To analyze whether training is the best way of meeting organizational needs.
  • To identify the gap between current and required levels of knowledge, skills and attitude.
  • To identify what the general content of training should be.
  • To form the foundation of a training plan.
  • To provide a baseline for the evaluation of a training plan.
  • To ensure that appropriate and relevant training is delivered.
  • To maximize use of scarce resources.
  • To ensure continuing motivation, interest and satisfaction.
  • To help decision-makers design training and learning opportunities.
  • To substantiate decision-makers’ choices
  • To develop support for training initiatives

Customized learning
Coordination Arabia skillfully interprets TNA results and expertly applies them to adult learning models to help our clients attain the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Facilitated learning
Using the most advanced adult learning facilitation techniques, we take our clients through a dynamic learning experience, facilitating their learning in an enjoyable, interactive and productive way.

Evaluated learning
At Coordination Arabia, we understand that the best investment any organization can make is in its people. To ensure a positive return on your investment and effective learning, we use a multi-level learning evaluation.

Pursuing Perfection
In our constant pursuit to deliver exceptional services to our clients, we consistently strive to improve our learning and development offerings to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our unwavering pursuit of perfection in the services and tools we provide makes us the human development company of choice.