In terms of executive search, our organisation maintains a comprehensive database of professionals and executives in the fields of supply chain management and sales. We provide expert consultants (both locals and from overseas) to our clients through our network of partners.

We have developed this database through:

  • Our long term professional experience in the industry
  • Wide exposure to the industry
  • Providing specialised training services
  • Our networking events
  • Participating in international industry leading events and conferences


Executive search services include:

Searching: finding the RIGHT candidate is a challenging task for any organisation. We at Coordination Arabia through our long exposure to the market and networking are able to identify the executive and professionals who fit to the customer’s requirements.

Assessing: After identifying the RIGHT candidate we support our client by doing our own assessment prior to making recommendations.

Recommending: Due to our expertise, our recommendation to select a candidate helps our client to make the right decision. This is a vital step towards helping the client in their selection process.